The Price of Desire is an historical romance novel set in late Victorian England and is a 2017 Golden Heart® Finalist.

It has been three long years since the unconnected, unfashionable, and all together unremarkable Charlotte Alwyn was last a guest at Heathway, ancestral home of the powerful Winterfield family and her best friend, Lily Winterfield, when she escaped in the middle of the night to avoid her guardian’s ruthless scheme to marry her off. Now she is older, wiser, and determined to stop Lily from marrying the notorious Lord Eliot. But she didn't count on Lord Eliot turning his much lauded charms on her instead, threatening to ruin her only friendship and her already tenuous place in society. When she confronts his aloof cousin Edward about his lordship's true intensions, a stolen moment with the man who has done nothing but glare at her since they met reveals an attraction she has never experienced, and she suspects that behind his steely demeanor beats a lonely heart that could rival her own.  

However, Edward Braddon is not interested in hearts—hers, his, nor anyone else’s. What he needs is to secure a wealthy wife for his spendthrift cousin before they both go broke, and Charlotte, with her vast inheritance and lack of connections, is the perfect target. Edward should be ecstatic, except he can’t stop thinking about (or glowering at) the headstrong, captivating, and wildly arousing young woman. Edward is determined to let neither his growing interest nor his pesky conscience intervene with his cousin’s seduction, but when money is everything even desire has a price. 

The manuscript is complete at 92,000 words.